Would this be a suppressor part?

Yes, it can be legal to make a silencer. For everything Form-1, from silencer designs that are easily made, to filing forms with the BATF, to 3D modeling. Remember, you must have an approved BATF Form-1 to make a silencer. All NFA laws apply.

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Re: Would this be a suppressor part?

Post by Capt. Link. » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:22 pm

My words were carefully chosen.

I choose who and what I listen to or is it your job to dictate to us.

If you are envious of the contributions that others have made why not make some of your own in a positive way.

I guess you see no fault in pointing out the deficiencies of others it must be nice to live in a glass house.

Learn some manners even addressing a 10 year old brain dead person.Trying to tear down another dose not build you up only lowers the opinion of others about you.

I add my three cent's as over a nickel is too much!

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Re: Would this be a suppressor part?

Post by WarbirdsCustomGuns » Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:33 pm

MCKNBRD wrote:Regarding B's 'errors'...yep. He makes them. We all do. He chooses to delete what he knows of as an error, you seem to ASSume that you have some moral high ground since you apparently haven't deleted any of your whopping 32 posts. Byrdman
Well, that's proof what I said is true.
At least it's a start.
Why waste time posting bad info. only to go back & delete them ?
Doesn't make sense at least to me & others I talked to.
I never delete my post.
If I'm ever wrong (very seldom) I man up.

The most common troll tactics used to discredit someone who posts the truth on a forum is to
A. Change the subject or
B. Attack the post count as if it really indicates member participation or contributions in a helpful manner or
C. Attack the person who exposes the truth by using fictional character assassination.

MCKNBRD wrote:RPersonally, B has helped me on more than a few things; one being the passage of laws in NC allowing suppressors to be used for hunting, where I testified before the Senate committee where a bill was brought forward to legalize them. He's looked at some of my sketches and provided guidance on where they can be 'tweaked' to work better, as well as MANY other Form 1 NFA enthusiasts. Best of all, he offers services that few others do, and does a DAMN good job at jailbreaking cans. His opinions on can quality and construction are based on what he sees from his customers, and the cans they send him.
For the record & I'll be very clear about this.
Yes he's good at what he does in regards to jailbreaking cans.
Rebuilds & upgrades as well, which is much needed.

Just a little business advice & my opinion.
If he would be more open about himself & exactly where things are being done, he could have more work for himself.
He would have no need to go out looking for work as it would come to him & he could be as busy as anyone could be & have less time to post on the internet.

In fact, I could have sent him work but, I was uncomfortable recommending him because he's so unknown to everyone on the internet. I did the work myself.
A couple "he's good & trustable" from this forum is not enough in this world of many who would do otherwise.
We've all heard & read the stories to often.

MCKNBRD wrote:I don't know if you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, saw CMV's post, misinterpreted it, and have too big of an ego to back up and say 'whoops! I read THAT one wrong!' or what, but, unless you are going to start contributing here, I'd recommend that you STFU, put down the coffee, back away from the keyboard, and get to work on your customer's guns instead of coming across like a pissed off 7th grade girl.

I read the entire thread before posting.
I ALWAYS read the entire thread before posting.

I woke up long ago as so many others who do their homework.
Your choice of words is also indictive of someone who has some internal rage going on, get help somewhere.

Yes I have many customers guns to work on but, like a kid in a candy store not a pissed off 7th grade girl.

Final note:
Lots of good people here who have a common hobby.........silencers.
Lots of good ideas I don't see elsewhere.
I'll keep the pizza (I don't do popcorn) handy & read more future posts.

Capt. Link. wrote:I guess you see no fault in pointing out the deficiencies of others it must be nice to live in a glass house.
I live in a timber frame house I built myself just so you know.
Capt. Link. wrote:Learn some manners even addressing a 10 year old brain dead person.Trying to tear down another dose not build you up only lowers the opinion of others about you.
You really need to practice what you preach to others.
Your "BOZO" statement speaks volumes about your double standards.
Ouch I bet that hurts.
Capt. Link. wrote:I add my three cent's as over a nickel is too much!
I didn't give you .01 for what it's worth.


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Re: Would this be a suppressor part?

Post by RJT » Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:58 pm

Why not remove the hand guard, internally thread the end, externally thread your tube, and cut it to fit right up to the back end of the suppressor?
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Re: Would this be a suppressor part?

Post by whiterussian1974 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:32 pm

I thought that posters here (including myself) have been cranky the past few days, but it looks like The past 2 Full Moons have affected people too.
-I should probably ST(Heck)Up right there.
I admire MCKGBIRD, CMV, CPTLINK, Ammorer-at-Law and Custom WarBird, et al.
So I hate to see my brothers fight.
-Sometimes I'm playful and it's hard for readers to see that I'm either joking, being sarcastic, or just playing along with previous posts.
-I have a Dark sense of Gallow's Humour and really irritate or confuse alot of people until they get to know me. Some even after, just ask my formor Cpt. But most of my Sgts and Ptrl Ofrs think that I'm a refreshing treat that helps them blow off steam in a high stress job. Even if they can't laugh w me, at least than they can laugh AT me. Ha-ha.

I came across this Site yrs ago, but never had time to contribute until I was off work for back surgery this past Fall.
I mistook some comments and ruffled my own feathers during the working in process of learning site eticoutte.
Even slammed my D/@% in the door with some rude comments to CMV and CptLink. Now I deeply admire them and see my fault in those early exchanges.
Even playfully parry w Bender at times and he parries back.

Now to the Thread.
CMV wrote:If I wanted the look of a reflex design - something that would extend back over the barrel & under an AR rail - but didn't want to actually make the suppressor that way, would I be able to do this?
An extension to go on the front of the suppressor to go back over the barrel & under the rail. It could be unscrewed when the suppressor was used on a different rifle. It would attach to the suppressor, but wouldn't do anything other than cosmetics - No gasses going thru it, not aiding in aligning/attaching the suppressor to the barrel. So if stamp was for 8", the suppressor was 8", but then this 4" empty extension was attached to suppressor, would I still be good as far as actually having an 8" suppressor like F1 says & not having an extra 'suppressor part' lying around when it's not in use?

I'm thinking that would allow me to get the look I want on rifle A but be able to use the can on bull barrel rifle B.
If you attach the faux barrel shroud to the handguard instead of the barrel or suppressor, I think you are fine 'under current law.'
"1 Legislation:
The barrel shroud has been the target of legislative restrictions in the United States, along with other features of certain firearms.
The now-expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban included a barrel shroud in its list of features for which a semi-automatic pistol could be banned (two features in the list were required). Proposals to restore the assault weapons ban, including this provision, have been made but have been unsuccessful."
This doesn't cite a documentary reference, but "The Cloud" seems to agree since they haven't disputed the claim.

2nd: Each of the above posters have made some good points. It's too bad that we ALL sometimes get offended or have a rough day and make harsh comments. Most, but not all of us here are Type As. It what drives us into our Professions and Firearms interests. There are Type Bs here who only care about Engineering, Physics, Helping Others, Hearing Safety or not offending neighbors/disturbing Nature.
But few here will back down if pushed. Sometimes I read something I posted 2 weeks earlier and think, "What the heck worked its way up inside me?" But it takes time before I can see my mistakes and even MORE before I own up to them.
At 1st I also editted posts that I later realised that I was wrong about. It took a member explaining that I should write "Edit:" in front of whatever I change. Sometimes I write, "Please disregard this post. Someone corrected me and this is bad advice/info."
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Re: Would this be a suppressor part?

Post by PostalGlock'n » Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:53 pm

If I understand the concept, the suppressor attaches to the barrel in the same manner with or without the part in question. Correct??

In that case, with the part having no projectile, gas, or sound waves passing thru it and being purely cosmetic, I wouldn't see any gray area to it. If you wanted to attach fins to resemble an air-to-air missile to the suppressor it shouldn't matter. Still, if you wanted the cosmetic looks of a covered barrel, I would put a 12"-15" quad rail on it.

As the other issue of this thread, I understand when someone comes across in a condescending manner, it doesn't always sit well with others that may not be as "simple minded" as the offender realizes.

Even the 14 year old kid can get on here and tell someone that "you better have that form 1 in hand before doing what you are talking about". While that is the best advise in the world, it may not be needed for someone building their 4th SBR or can.

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Re: Would this be a suppressor part?

Post by Baffled » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:37 am

The answer is here from two guys.

Thread the rifle's tubular HAND GUARD. Take the new part, thread that to mate with the guard just threaded, but unthreaded at the front. Make it just slightly larger in OD than the suppressor, and bore it at the front so that it is a very neat sliding fit to the can for an inch or three. Apply a 45 degree bevel to the front. You'll have the appearance of a stepped can tube, and if the machining is done properly, it will look monolithic, part of the suppressor, but legally, it'll be nothing but a long barrel shroud.

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