Form 1, 45 can questions

Yes, it can be legal to make a silencer. For everything Form-1, from silencer designs that are easily made, to filing forms with the BATF, to 3D modeling. Remember, you must have an approved BATF Form-1 to make a silencer. All NFA laws apply.

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Form 1, 45 can questions

Post by Ethos » Wed Aug 20, 2014 2:49 pm

got the form 1 stamped.....

material, i was told the can should be the lightest possible, hence made from aluminum

i listed the can on the paper as 8 inches in length, what should the diameter be?

what baffles? i was told k baffles work well in a 45 cal

how many baffles?, and which baffle material, i am assuming the first should be stainless for durability

this will be mounted on a sig 227, so i will, i assume be needing a piston, i seen that one of my distributors has pistons for sale for the tyrant, it has the proper threads for the sig barrel and is the proper caliber, i could buy one, if there are no legal snafu's, or just make one, they're cheap

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Re: Form 1, 45 can questions

Post by Shady » Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:31 pm

the piston is only the inside part of the Nielsen device. gemtec and liberty both sell the full booster but both are 1/2 28 so not good for your 45.

I just went through trying to get a silencerco booster and unless you know someone good luck :)

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