spacer thickness?

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spacer thickness?

Post by rem_pss308 » Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:05 pm

I need to know what the thinnest spacer material I can use. It will be for a titanium tube with formed freeze plugs.

I found 2.

one is .035, and the other is .045. are these too thin for keeping the freeze plugs from squeezing forward under rifle pressures.

or do I need to go .065

I haven't found any thinner than .035

the OD of this spacer tube is 1.375

I know someone here will have the answer,

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Re: spacer thickness?

Post by Samson104 » Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:44 pm

I've used .035" turned down to .025" with no issues , although I was using a turned baffle with a shoulder to seat on it squarely

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Re: spacer thickness?

Post by ranb » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:39 am

I made .020" spacers from aluminum for a .458 socom can with machined cone baffles. No issues but everything fits snug.

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Re: spacer thickness?

Post by c5_nc » Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:55 pm

The Freeze plugs will press into the spacers on the front side unless it is really thick. On the rear of freeze plug to the muzzle ends for the blast chamber I've used .035" and it works fine.

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Re: spacer thickness?

Post by airsix » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:31 pm

I made 0.035" aluminum spacers for a freezeplug stack. 300aac subs
After only a few test rounds the stack became a little loose. Inspection revealed the edges of the spacers starting to mushroom.

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