Softer hook baits on the method feeder

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Softer hook baits on the method feeder

Post by rafaelalford » Mon Sep 07, 2020 11:57 pm

Afternoon Gents.

Curious as to how you guys would approach the challenge of fishing softer hook baits on the method feeder? You see all these you tube videos of perfectly loaded feeders but nearly always 2mm or ground bait but with a hard hook bait.

Some days convinced a softer hook bait is what they want, and had some joy with hair rigged corn and meat, but if I'm honest feeder never loaded as neatly as I'd like and doubt very much it is making it to the bottom intact as hook bait breaking up the ground bait on the feeder, even worse with 2mm.

So! How would you guys go about fishing worm, for example, on the hook but keeping an immaculately loaded method feeder?

Or do you just switch to a cage feeder rig??


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