Fisherman reels in 6' perch after battling with crocodile

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Fisherman reels in 6' perch after battling with crocodile

Post by st33ve0 » Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:25 pm

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paco ramirez
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Post by paco ramirez » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:33 pm

WTF :shock:
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Post by 700PSS » Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:10 pm

Damn! :shock: Did the perch eat the croc? :lol:

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Post by mudshark » Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:50 am

paco ramirez wrote:WTF :shock:

Nile Perch. Very common in Africa's large lakes Like Victoria and the Nile River, of course.

That's a big one. They don't get much larger than that one...
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Post by ArevaloSOCOM » Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:55 am


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