Ak74 brake measurements

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Ak74 brake measurements

Post by Sdustin » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:32 am

Hello I'm going to be making my own ak74 brake from raw materials. I've got access to a machine shop and master machinist. I need to know if someone could give me some mesaurrments of an ak74 brake. Like overall length and diameter. Also the length from muzzle side to barrel side of the opening on the end? And I plan to make it with two gas holes on the top and one on the right side all angled into the bore of the brake at like 45' Maybe. I'm going to talk to my friend in the morning Maybe someone can help be.
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Re: Ak74 brake measurements

Post by ThaDoubleJ » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:56 pm

Making brakes is science unless it's a super simple design. I had a custom brake made for an AR once using a bunch of ideas in my head, it added something like 2MOA to my groups for no reason that I could discern. I followed all the rules. AK brakes are wiggly, too, that adds to the trouble. Don't know if you're planning a 14 or 24mm one, but if it's 24, I feel your pain, there are almost zero on the market in that thread with a 22cal hole in them. Only ones I'm aware of are the regular old 74 brake, and the two made by SVVC or some such company in Russia. I hear good things about them, and the price isn't outrageous since I hear they have a distributor in the US now. If you do decide to make one, gotta tell us which thread pitch and such you've got, there's even a 26mm out there somewhere.
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