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kit for my AR

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:23 am
by erichuff
I want to get a .22lr conversion kit for my AR. Which one seems to be the best? I had an M261 years and years back but from what I remember, it was nothing but trouble and never was capable of finishing a magazine before stopping. The Ciener kits look like they may be more promising but the magazines look gay. On the other hand, the gay mags hold thirty rounds. It seems like spare parts are abundant for the M261 and I know that JAC's customer service sucks.

Do any of the pros of one outweigh the cons of the other?
Can anyone shed any light on the situation? Which kit do I want?

Not that it matters but I will run it primarily in my 10.5 inch MK18gery, semi only, so having an FA capable kit is irrelevant.

Re: kit for my AR

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:40 pm
by 3waydev
I bought a Ciener kit a few years ago. I wanted, later, to use in full auto. I called and then stopped by Ciener's place and picked up the extra parts I needed. I had purchased some Black Dog mags and had plenty which ran in semi, so I didn't get any mags from JAC.

The kit runs flawlessly in both full (a Bushmaster-Sendra conversion) and semi; Ciener (the one which came with the kit) or Black Dog mags. I love the kit and it just works!

I had a very nice half hour or so conversation with JAC and found him to be quite pleasant and very knowledgeable about real estate in the Cape Canaveral area. He seemed NOTHING LIKE the stories I'd heard about him.