Aftermarket Glock 21 threaded barrels for $150 or less?

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Aftermarket Glock 21 threaded barrels for $150 or less?

Post by ghmj07 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:04 am

I've got a spare 21 frame and slide, both Gen 3. I'd like to set them up for suppressor use. I already have a .578 x 28 piston.

I don't anticipate this build seeing a lot of use, so I was hoping to stay around or less than $150 as I'll have to buy some high sights as well.

Here's a short list I put together:

1. Lone Wolf Alphawolf which I can get in the $130 - $140 range.

2. SilencerCo threaded barrel often on sale at Brownells for $140- $150.

3. I found Wolf Performance SS threaded barrels for $95 (+$10 for a thread protector). Wolf Performance is not Lone Wolf; they're associated with the ammo company. I found some OK reviews on Wolf Performance 9mm barrels but not the 45 barrels.

4. has a SS 21 threaded barrel for $105. Not sure who makes it. I bought an aftermarket 17 slide and threaded barrel from them, and it seems fine although I only have a few hundred rounds through it.

5. Silencer Shop has a VDI (Voodoo) 21 barrel on sale for $149.

6. Someone on glocktalk pointed out that Glock now makes a factory 21 barrel with .578 x 28 threads. It's available on factory store for $155, but it doesn't have a fully supported chamber like aftermarket barrels do. Not sure if that really makes a difference or just marketing.

Any thoughts on these? Any others I should consider in this price range?

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