Zastav M88a Thought?

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Zastav M88a Thought?

Post by BallisticExpansion » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:13 am

So I was looking to get a decent 9mm handgun for Christmas. I don't have a 9mm in the collection so that is my first reason. I would like a gun that's durable and fun to shoot on the range and could be a concealed carry when I get my permit. I prefer an all metal handgun because I am just old fashioned, but wouldn't mind trying a poly gun. Price range $400 max. I was looking at the Zastava M88a, S&W 659, or maybe a PT92. I have handled a M88a and it was nice but haven't shot any of them. I am really leaning to the M88a b/c its lighter and smaller although I lose the double stack capability.

Any experiences or thoughts?
Thanks guys.
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Re: Zastav M88a Thought?

Post by ROFuher » Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:47 pm

A buddy intoduced me to a model 999 years ago. I was impressed enough with it i picked up two on a CDNN sale, then two more the next year when the price dropped again. The machine work was great, and i figured they would be good trade pieces in the worst case. IIRC they averaged out about 200 bucks each, but the spare mags were average priced for the time, and i probably should have bought more than 2 extra per gun.
I think the Zastavas are undervalued, but my experienceerience is limited to the single model.
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