Khar Arms CW45 Suppressor Build [info gathering]

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Khar Arms CW45 Suppressor Build [info gathering]

Post by Spirit » Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:26 pm

So as tax season approaches I am gathering information as I plan to design and build a suppressor for my new CW45. I have googled for a couple days off and on looking for info on a threaded barrel solution for the CW45. I am weary of sending my weapon anywhere much like the way I was weary to buy it from a dealer that logged all my information.. yeah I'm weird but I don't trust the direction of our government and I really wish they weren't aware of my existence( as they read over this very thread ). I digress...

So here is my preliminary plan from a distance through the fog:

1. Figure out the threaded barrel issue which is an issue only because Khar does not have a "ready to go" offering.
a. So far my thoughts are that the 45ACP barrels in all Khar pistols are the same aside from length.
- This means that I can take the CT45 barrel which is 4.04", cut it down to length, and see about threading.
b. If "a" is a failure then I guess I might have to look in to sending my barrel somewhere for an extension and threading.

2. I've been looking in to all the makeshift and at home suppressor designs.
a. I didn't see any that I liked.
b. I plan to build upon what I saw.
- I am going to chose the optimum size flashlight case( don't know which brand yet ) and do something unique for baffling.

3. Once I am happy with a prototype I will submit the proper forms and perform a final build.

Here are some questions I have regarding the above points:

1. Are there any known suppressed CW45's out there?
2. Does anyone know if Khar's barrel design transcends across their product line?
3. Has anyone looked in to gas expansion chambers that, AFTER the velocity of the gas slows down, allows the gas to exit to atmosphere?
a. Maybe with the use of a VERY tight knitted stainless mesh??? 1 to 10 micron?? Does this even make sense?
4. I am going to be interested in some type of coating, i.e. cerakote. What do you guys use?

Thanks in advance for your answers and advice. I am a noob... lets go ahead and clear that up! hah!


Oh yeah... the Khar CW45 is such an awesome weapon for $300. Seriously someone needs to send them a brigade of strippers :)

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Re: Khar Arms CW45 Suppressor Build [info gathering]

Post by Bendersquint » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:27 am

Welcome to the forum.

The first and thing you need to know is that you can not legal experiment with your homemade silencer(Form1).

You file your application FIRST.

You wait the long wait and then when you have an approved/stamped form IN YOUR HANDS, you can make ONE silencer.

There is no prototyping or experimenting, replacing parts or anything with a Form1 build. You got 1 shot at it, so make it worth it and research, research, research!

That said, I have seen 1 Kahr45 pistol suppressed and it sounded awful. It wasn't the can, so it had to be the platform. Not sure if it was a CW as it was the only 45 Kahr I have seen in person.

Some platforms suppress better than others.

Where are you getting them for $300?

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Re: Khar Arms CW45 Suppressor Build [info gathering]

Post by kassenz » Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:10 am

Micheal, Honestly, its not worth it to try to make your own.

For the same amount for wait time as a form 1 from ATF you could just Quicken a trust and get a passport/lawyer/ back notary to bless it and just buy one of these from a dealer a few hundred bucks:

The Thompson cans cycle , and much lighter than a Maglite conversion. And ATF feeds on busting homebrewed stuff. Its easier to just buy one that works.

I have a Kahr CW45 too. You will need a gunsmith to order you a barrel from a TP45 from Kahr for $150 or so, and thread it for $80~$125. Mine seems pretty stait, so it might not need a bushing or fitting.

As for Government and papertrails, all they look for is Felonies and Domestic violence, basically. If you're clear, they don't care. Its just registering. Its just a stamp that sits in your safe.

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Re: Khar Arms CW45 Suppressor Build [info gathering]

Post by FarmDadCO » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:14 am

And ATF feeds on busting homebrewed stuff. Its easier to just buy one that works.
Why do you say the ATF does that ? In reading here I sure haven't gotten the impression that ATF goes out of its way to hassle form 1 builders .
Full disclosure .. I am about to file a couple of form 1s myself because even if i could buy a " better " can on a form 4 there is just something about making it myself that is appealing enough to jump through the hassle and wait where plunking down a pile of cash for a half a year + don't seem worth it .

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Re: Khar Arms CW45 Suppressor Build [info gathering]

Post by kassenz » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:42 pm

ATF has never looked at anything more than paperwork on form 1 stuff.
But, I do know they go undercover in plain clothes and visit gun shows, gun shops and ranges actively looking for leads.

I visited the ATF office in the Federal building in seattle after they busted an auto repair shop that was manufacturing machine guns and suppressors without the correct paperwork. The office was stacked 6 FT high in confiscated guns.
My point is, it's less costly for your time and money just to fallow the law then have some friend tell a friend and tip off before you get your paperwork back from the feds. ATF is just looking for violations. Getting approved is easy. Unless you have a felony or restraining order. Then you should find another hobby anyways.

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