WTK - suppressing 380

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WTK - suppressing 380

Post by TROOPER » Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:38 pm

I do realize this conversation has already been mentioned a few times, and that the key consensus is that due to a blowback mechanism, 380 doesn't suppress as well as it theoretically should. That said, I have a Beretta 84 which is chambered in 380, and is a blow-back. I would like to put a Degroat Nano or a Thompson Machine Poseidon on it. Both of these are relatively smallish suppressors... at least, certainly smaller than typical 9mm units like an Octane 9, an Evo-9, or a Tirant-9, etc. I have been able to find reviews of both the Nano and the Poseidon, but not for 380.

Given the length of time, commitment, and cost of acquiring a silencer, I'd like to find out what to expect before getting involved.

Here is a Youtube video of a Beretta 84 with a Tirant-9.

Adco has responded that they can/will thread my existing unit to a 1/2 x 28 for a typical 9mm silencer.

If anyone has used a 380 with a Nano or a Poseidon... how was it? Can you give a subjective review? How does it compare to a suppressed 22 pistol? What about a suppressed 9mm with a full-size can? Is the unit hearing safe?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks to Bendersquirt for directing me to ADCO for the threading service.

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