Insane: Vermont city considers disarming police

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Insane: Vermont city considers disarming police

Post by johndoe3 » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:41 pm ... lice-guns/

A Burlington, Vermont Councilwoman, with a far left bent, has offered up a proposed law to disarm all of the police force. Needless to say, the police force doesn't like the idea, but is responding carefully in Bernie Sanders old stomping grounds where he was mayor.
A liberal Vermont city councilwoman has proven to be so anti-gun that she even wants her own local police department to disarm.

Burlington, Vermont, councilwoman Perri Freeman — who calls herself a “progressive Democrat” — insisted that it makes sense because some foreign nations don’t arm their police, according to 1360 KKTX radio.

“Realizing that there are actually several countries where they’re not using firearms for their regular police duties. Just to name a few: the U.K., Ireland, Iceland,” Freeman told the media. “I started thinking critically about what is the next step in terms of policing practices, whether that’s having more sophisticated training for officers, having a different expectation.”
There is a full-court-press nationwide to institute insane progressive (communist) measures; the kooks running for president in the Democrat party have lit a fire everywhere with a minority of extreme activists. I suppose they believe that their brown shirts (Antifa) will take care of keeping order (Vigilantism).
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Re: Insane: Vermont city considers disarming police

Post by poikilotrm » Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:05 pm

That is probably one of the best ideas I have heard in quite a while. I saw plenty of unarmed cops in Europe. It didn't seem like anarchy to me. An armed society is a polite society. Disarmed cops are polite cops, who try like hell to de-escalate, rather than simply opening fire on whomever they choose.

Disarm them, see how it goes. Maybe it can serve as a pilot program. Oh, and if any of you want to trot out some BS about "officer safety", I'd like to point out that cops don't seem to have a problem with enforcing unConstitutional laws to disarm the citizenry, thus making us vulnerable.
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