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Re: Need help choosing a new suppressed SWAT rifle

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:53 pm
by JohnnyC
PD3341 wrote:
JohnnyC wrote:You probably could have saved some money by going with just a barrel swap with a reduced gas port. There aren't many "wear" items in an upper receiver. This also wouldn't limit you to using Noveske rails with the Switchblock cutout, you could use whatever rail fits your needs best. Replace the barrel and bolt with a more reasonably sized gas port, save the taxpayers a bunch of money, and have a new system that's designed to do what you want it to do.

We explored this option extensively and even built a demo model. However for a couple of reasons we could not complete a barrel swap. First, our guns had already been factory rebuilt once and we were having major issues with our lowers too. Second, the department's attorneys did not like the idea of "custom" built guns with no manufacturer backing. Finally the tax payers did not pay for these guns, but drug dealers did. They were purchased with seized drug funds and Noveske gave us a great price on the rifles. I like how you think and would do this swap if it were my own gun.

Your explanation makes most sense. Kudos! Sounds like in the end you got the best tool for the job given the parameters of limitation you had to work within.