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PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:23 am 
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Just wanted to mention that I bought these items this weekend. My SBR form is nearing approval in a few weeks hopefully so I will be able to get that barrel along with a 10.5" gas and 12" piston in 5.56. The suppressor will take 1-year or so as an estimate.

With the upcoming changes to the BATFE's process for Trusts to require background checks on all trustees or possibly all people listed on the trust and rumors of impending requirement of CLEO sign-off for all transfers I wanted to secure my .30 caliber suppressor now before it becomes difficult if not impossible to own. There are rumors of getting rid of CLEO signature from NFA items for personal ownership but those have been going around for 2-years without any definite changes by the BATFE even after they implemented their brand new eFile program. I'm thinking that knowing how our government works, one hand gives while the other hand takes away so everyone's dream of no CLEO sign-off might create another set of problems that we don't foresee yet.

Since I live in Houston, Texas and that's Harris county and the Sheriff Adrian Garcia won't sign off on any NFA items because of the road-blocks he creates on purpose such as ignoring applications, sending them to the district attorney's office who sends them back, or requiring a walk through and inspection of the house and premisses where the NFA item will be stored (something that is not specified as a requirement in any state or federal laws), he basically doesn't sign the applications.

Total cost of this little gem with a muzzle-break is only a $1,995 from so it's expensive as hell but I'm thinking that it isn't so much if you amortize the price over 1-year of waiting for the approval from now and consider the possibility that these could become rare items before the end of this Presidential term just like machine guns became rare before the 1986 ban.

If and when I get this then I will have the top-of-the-line suppressor for all 4 out of 5 categories listed on that web site, Rimfire (.22), Pistol (.45->.40->9mm->etc.), Rifle (5.56mm), Rifle (7.62mm = .30 cal). The only thing that I'll be missing is a major caliber can like .338 or .50 cal but I don't have any of those guns nor plans to buy them yet. If I ever get that piston AR-10 that I'm waiting for LMT to manufacture in their MRP design in .308 (7.62mm) then this suppressor will be great, until then it'll just have to be used on that 300 AAC Blackout barrel.

As for going over-kill using that suppressor for 300 AAC Blackout, I know. That's a short 10.5" barrel and a super-long 8.4" suppressor is going to be make a 19" barrel. The alternative was a compromise suppressor such as the 762-MINI designed for 7.62x35 (300 AAC Blackout), 7.62x39 (Russian AK-47) but then I wouldn't be able to use it on that future AR-10. My thinking is that if I'm going to get a suppressor that MINI 6", I might as well get the FULL 8.4" because 2.4" is not very much in total and has more versatility and portability to other weapons and barrels for the future.

LMT CQB MRP UpperImage

LMT CQB MRP 10.5" 300 AAC Blackout BarrelImage

SureFire SOCOM762-RC-FDEImage

AAC Element2 .22
AAC Ti-RANT .45 with 9mm, .40, .45, Fixed - Changeable Pistons
SureFire FA556-212-DE 5.56mm Gen3 on MB556K
SureFire SOCOM762-RC-DE 7.62mm on SFMB-762-5/8-24 MB (Pending 2013-10-21)

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