Deciding on a 7.62 Can

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Re: Deciding on a 7.62 Can

Post by Doctor Jenks » Fri May 20, 2016 11:06 am

CanOfWhooppass wrote:
db0 wrote:Seems to me the Omega doesn't get the credit it deserves considering the video that Capitol Armory put out showing it standing up to multiple full auto mag dumps. No one even has the ammo budget to do that on any kind of regular basis, and I'm sure you could do what they did a few times a year and you'd have no issues with it. Homestly i think a lot of people think they need the same requirements that a Navy Seal has for their gear... If you're not punching a door open with the end of your suppressor or dig a trench with it, you will probably never see any difference in a Saker/Surge vs the Omega. Not to mention SilencerCo has the same lifetime warranty that the Surge does. It's shorter and lighter than the Surge, so I think it's not fair to the community to not mention the Omega as one of the top centenders for 5.56 & 7.62 rifle suppression for a solid balance of suppression, length and weight. My understanding is that it's marginally shorter, lighter and has been measured in some cases to be better at suppression compared to the Surge.
I think the Omega deserves much credit, but since it's barrel restrictions are more conservitive than other options with full Stelite stacks it is suboptimal for a high rate SBR's. If not a concern for the OP then it's better in some ways, if he has a slidefire stock and teenage boys, maybe worse.
That's good advice. I'm not overly concerned about the durability of the Omega. It's full auto rated. A feature I'm not likely to use often in today's political climate. Also, I think it's barrel restrictions are reasonable for most applications. If I did have a problem, I have little doubt that silencerco would take care of it, especially if you were following their guidelines, including full auto use.

That said, this doesn't mean I don't appreciate the durability inherent in a tougher built can.

I got to go out yesterday and try a Surge. I called a local dealer and he mentioned he had a demo can from rugged, and offered to let me demo it. He even provided some ammo, although I brought some of my own as well.

We shot 300 blackout (a new experience for me) and 5.56. I was never really interested in 300 blackout before, but shooting suppressed might have changed my mind. Very quiet. 5.56 still seemed a little loud to me, but then I have one ear that seems extra sensitive to loud noises. We also tried the short configuration, which strangely enough, he had never tried. We agreed that it was louder, but not extremely so.

this is the first time I've shot without hearing protection so I can't really compare it to anything. Sadly, he didn't have any other suppressors for us to try. I've shot an omega before, but I was at a busy range so couldn't take off the hearing protection.

Thanks for all the advice everyone, I think I've decided to pick up a Surge. I like the Omega, but the Surge has won me over. I love the modular design and it's robust construction. Now I get to look forward to a 6 month wait.

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Re: Deciding on a 7.62 Can

Post by quiettime » Sat May 21, 2016 1:11 pm

I think you made a good choice. Plus you're helping out the little guy, who just so happens to be one of the greatest designers in the industry

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Re: Deciding on a 7.62 Can

Post by CanOfWhooppass » Sat May 21, 2016 3:57 pm

They also have one of, if not the best, QD systems out there.
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Re: Deciding on a 7.62 Can

Post by MJF1911 » Sun May 22, 2016 10:29 pm

[email protected] wrote:Dead Air, Rugged, SilencerCo--- don't worry about warranty. They will all take care of you.

Keep in mind there's a business aspect of this, so some lawyer talk--- if SilencerCo states they will fix anything no matter what, someone eventually is going to purposely destroy cans over and over and over again to be a pain. Think of it like a restaurant, if they say "If your meal isn't perfect, it's free." You're going to eventually get people that just go in every day and say it's not perfect, and they want it free.

From being in the industry, I have absolute faith that all of those companies are going to take care of our clients--- regardless of what is printed out on a manual or site somewhere.

I agree, you just can't go wrong with anything they offer. My opinion is that the majority of can users would be perfectly happy with the Omega.
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