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Suppressor Noob

Post by mentylobseshian » Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:00 pm

Many apologies to the possible redundency of this question. I am currently trying to get into the NFA game seeking the Octane9. It is going on my MPX. I do want a QD system which has concluded me to the 3 lug adapter system. Question is since it takes the 13.5x1LH piston, I need that and the 3lug combo correct? it is going to be a dedicated can/host for the time being, and suggestions or as welcome as ever concerning my choice in can/host. Thanks guys

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Re: Suppressor Noob

Post by Michael Black 47 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:08 pm

So far for my setup on my MPX Gen 2 I'm going to run it with a OMEGA9K when my form 4 comes back. I currently run it with my octane 45 and it sounds great with standard ammunition. I have not yet run it with subs but I believe it will be amazing. I too use a 3 lug HK adapter for my MPX which is the 13.5X1 LH. I have not tried the combo 3 lug with the threaded tip,my 3 lug just has the 3 points on it but it should work fine. Just make sure that the mount that you attach the adapter to is compatible.

lastly welcome to the NFA club its a great road you are taking and it will not be your last suppressor you will buy :wink:

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