Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by Kramer » Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:28 pm

Fireman1291 wrote:
moreland281 wrote:Any Dealers offer Layaway on suppressors?
Looking to put a few on layaway and hack at them as the OT comes in.

Does anyone know of a place that does 90 days on C3 stuff?
Some of my local dealers will. They just wont do the paperwork until its paid in full. 8)
I bought quite a few of guns from my local dealer and when I told him that I wanted a can, we would fill out the Form 4s, I would mail them in and I paid for the cans when they came in. He moved earlier in the year, so I started dealing with a new guy that opened up about a year ago.

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by nice shot » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:58 pm

Drurys guns in San Antonio, TX. They require $200 or something upfront. They file the stamp and then you set up a payment plan with them.
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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by rcn11thacr » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:30 pm

My local dealer in Live Oak, Fl. did a dealer to dealer transfer, then started the form 4. I have yet to pay for it. He says as long as i am ready when it arrives, he is fine with that. If i dont pay up then the can belongs to him lol. BTW the only reason why he has not been paid is he likes cash and im 50 miles away and i just have not gotten the chance to swing by and take care of it yet (busy-its a single parent thing). I think he likes to see the different types on the market that he does not stock. Very nice guy that i will continue to use. I'm on my second dealer to dealer transfer with him so far.
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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by bobcat93 » Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:11 am

OK ..I feel the need to support the concept of layaway, and voice my opinion.
I know many people disagree with the concept, and say ( can't just save up your money)
My feelings are this.
I fully support the idea of layaway. I do not use credit cards. Credit card companies are there for one thing to ( MAKE MONEY).
While I could save my money up and buy it out right, I find it much easier to do layaway. Anyone who has a life, responsiblies, family, ect. Knows if there play money is not allocated it just seems to slip away in to othere areas of life. Going out to dinner, entertainment, something for the house etc.
At least that's how it is for me..while it makes the wife happy it doesn't help me buy my toys.
I'm not in the military or am I L.E. I'm just a target shooter, and firearm enthusiast. So is a suppressor necessary..not really ..but supper cool and fun to shoot with out hearing protection on hot summer days of target practice.
Back to the topic..I will not give my money to credit card corporations. To whom I am a number..I believe it is better to build a relationship face to face with a local dealer and to keep my money in our community. Layaway shows the dealer you are willing to make a commitment to him and follow through with it. Which will help you and the dealer in the long run. We all know certain brands of firearms are difficult to find nowadays. Some times I go to my local dealer on a rainy day just to see what's in stock. Many times its just luck of the draw what's in stock when your in the store. Say in In the store and I see a gun and by the powers of the gun gods happens to be there that day, and I don't do credit cards..but I have enough for a down payment ..that relationship with the dealer I now have allows me to get the gun on layaway.
I'm kind of old school and prefer to spend my money in a store where I know the type of man I'm dealing with and he knows the type of customer I am.
If he takes care of me as a loyal customer I will always shop there first.
OK. I'm off my soap box..and just wanted to state the obvious...I believe layaway builds better long-term clientele

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by rimshaker » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:57 am

bobcat93 wrote: I fully support the idea of layaway. I do not use credit cards. Credit card companies are there for one thing to ( MAKE MONEY).
What dealer, or any kind of business isn't?

A dealer in my town collects half up front, and the other half when the approved F4 arrives. But if you want to shoot it at the on-site range, must be paid in full first.

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by Fireman1291 » Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:37 pm

We do suppressor layaway now.

50% of your invoice total down and then we order your can from the distributer (5 week lead time) then you have 60 days to pay off the rest of the invoice. Which works out because it takes just a tad over a month anyway for your suppressor to come in from our distributer. Once it comes in you can payoff and then send out your Form4's. This way the ball gets rolling and the can gets ordered. Our customers LOVE IT!

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by eric10mm » Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:42 pm

My NFA dealer, B&R Guns in MO, has always been flexible with me when purchasing in-stock merchandise. I pay >50% down and the remainder upon pickup after the transfer is approved. He even paid the $200 transfer tax up front for me when e-filing the application for my last item and that amount was simply added to my balance due upon pickup.

If I don't pay off the debt I get no new toy and he already has a chunk of my money so it is in my best interest to pay it off.

I've never yet ordered a non-stocked/special order item but I'd expect 100% is due up-front.

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by jdasilva » Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:32 pm

S.A.W. Guns in Sunnyvale Texas does $100 down on silencers, sbr/sbs, & machine guns. You have 30 days after they receive the NFA stamp to pay it off.

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by huanab » Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:50 am

I bought a suppressor from Nelson Tactical in Green Bay. When it was time to pay, the lady asked how much I wanted to put down and can pay the rest on pick up. I opted to pay in full anyways, but it's nice to know the option is there.

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Re: Any Dealers offer Layaway on Suppressors?

Post by CThomas » Tue Jul 08, 2014 4:28 pm

Capital Armory does a $200 down plus any applicable taxes and a small service fee (do not know how much that is) and they let you pay the balance over four months. Site says paperwork is filed immediately.

I bought a Saker from them because they allowed me to have it my way ie with a brake instead of a FH. I paid in full so I cannot comment on payment service beyond what their site says but they were very quick to respond with emails etc. The one thing that drove me nuts and still does is for some reason their site locks up my computer and when it unlocks it is so slow.

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