York County PA CIII dealers?

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York County PA CIII dealers?

Post by CKOD » Sun May 16, 2010 7:57 pm

I'm moving to york county PA, and after closing on the house, and moving is definite, I'm sending a gun off to liberty to get SBR'ed and suppressed, and I need a dealer to transfer back to. Ive seen some lists online, on subguns and the like, but the closest IVe seen was Allentown and Easton, which is a solid 2 hour drive away, and one in Springfield, about an hour and a half away :? Currently I can buy cans from a guy 10 minutes away, and do tranfers from a place 30 minutes away, anyone know of any dealers in Lancaster or even York?

Would the ATF tell me if I called and asked? :lol:


Found 2 closer

Freedom Armory in Glen Rock, PA south of York

Laymans Gun shop in Wrightsville, between York and Lancaster

Anyone have an experience with these dealers? They were listed on Gemtec's dealer list.

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Re: York County PA CIII dealers?

Post by tomz34 » Sun May 23, 2010 12:41 pm

Located off 83 about 7-10 miles North of Maryland border.
Freedom Armory has a nice indoor range, including a rifle range.
Has on site gunsmithing service.
Stocks a nice assortment of various mfg. guns. New and used.
Carries some factory SBR's.
Offers machine gun rentals, nothing too exotic, standard sub guns, must purchase there ammo, lane rental, etc.
Been there a few times, I live about 2 1/2 hrs north of there, so I don't get in too often.
Last time I was there had mostly YHM cans, however I'm sure they could get anything you would want.
INOP there prices are on the high end, expect to pay full retail or close to it for Class 3 items. (Cans, SBR, etc.)
I cant speak from experience but I venture a guess that you will pay at least $100 to handle a Form 4 transfer.
The facility is very nice, spent a lot of money constucting it, hence the high prices.
Owner and staff are freindly and helpful.
Don't know if your willing to travel, if so I can give you the skinny on some good dealers in NE Pa.
If interested shoot me a PM.
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Re: York County PA CIII dealers?

Post by redleg11b » Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:06 am

Freedom Armory, last time I wanted to transfer from a Form 3 out of state wanted $200 to handle the transfer. This is to ensure that your best deal is to get from them. They do have a good selection, good knowledge, and excellent customer service though and I have purchased a can from them. Layman's wanted $50 for the out of state transfer. Layman's is a friendly place, but they (the owner) had a severe problem sending updated C3/SOT paperwork to a manufacturer for me to complete/start the transfer paperwork a couple years ago. I ended up getting my can transfered through Kirk Juliani in Lancaster for the same $50 and a lot less hassle. Layman's took so long to NOT send paperwork and NOT return any phone calls (almost 3 months) that the manufacturer gave me the can at dealer cost because they felt badly for my situation. They had received payment through Layman's and I just had to get the balance back from them. Once Kirk got the business everything except waiting for BATFE to approve the transfer to me took almost no time at all. Layman's does have some cans in stock and I'm sure that if buying from stock all will go smoothly, just don't transfer anything from out of state through them unless they have improved their customer service. Kirk is great with service and is a real stand-up guy. Freedom Armory is great to do business with, but a little pricy. YMMV, but those are my experiences.
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Re: York County PA CIII dealers?

Post by Josh Denny » Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:55 pm

Is Kirk Juliani an individual with CIII license? Contact info would be good. I am in York County as well and know of Freedom Armory but their prices seem pretty steep.

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Re: York County PA CIII dealers?

Post by silenceisgolden » Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:03 pm

my number is 717-644-3966
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