Comment: Spectre II vs Sparrow (vs. Amphibian vs. Oasis-P vs

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Comment: Spectre II vs Sparrow (vs. Amphibian vs. Oasis-P vs

Post by LawBob » Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:11 pm

Took 5 cans out to show a friend...these are just some general comments for those interested.

Our assessment (no sound equip, was in an enclosed yard with a brick structure on one side and 12' metal fence on another corner and across):

The SPARROW (newer SS) has significant FRP vs. the Spectre II, but it's more "concussion" than sounding "louder" (both mounted on Mark III 22/45s)

The Amphibian (c.1992; Mark II) is significantly quieter than the Oasis-P, but the Oasis also was more of a "concussion" impact feeling than flat out louder.

After FRP of the Sparrow, hard to say which was more quiet, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd rather have the Spectre bc of the FRP. Spectre is 1" longer and a little heavier IIRC.

I love the Oasis-P for what it is: light-weight and shorter. The Amphib is much heavier, and quieter.

Finally, couldn't get the MITE apart, but shooting it with KROIL is smoky and smells pretty good. Came home and soaked the MITE in Kroil for 1 week (nada) put more Kroil in and wait another week, today I got about 1 degree of turn and kept going back and forth and finally it broke and was able to come apart...

When's that Stalking Rhino upgrade gonna be done??

I'd have to say I think the Spectre II is easier to clean than the Sparrow but not by much....harder to clean out the mono-core. However, it would be irrelevant with a sonic cleaner (both are full stainless). the sparrow half-pipes retain a lot of gook and brass brush has hard time getting it, even with brake cleaner.

Amphib: Just sprayed brake cleaner down the pipe. Plugging with a foam ear sound protector doesn't work - melts it like butter (what was I thinking?).

Oasis: All alum, so just did some air, and then a little synth safe gun scrubber.

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Re: Comment: Spectre II vs Sparrow (vs. Amphibian vs. Oasis-P vs

Post by ranb » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:00 pm

I've always wanted to clock the speed of these integrally suppressed Rugers and today I got my chance. A guy showed up at the range with a Gemtech Oasis. The aluminum Oasis was several inches shorter and much lighter than my own form 1 Ruger MKii. My design is 17" long and the stainless tube adds much weight (43 ounces). You can see mine here; My Ruger (unported 5" barrel) shoots Mini-Mags at 1066 fps and Std Vel at 937 fps.

Anyway, I shot ten rounds each of Tac-22, CCI Mini-Mags and CCI Std Vel over a Chrony F-1.

CCI Std Vel 849 fps
Tac-22 875 fps
Mini-Mag 935 fps

As I thought, the short ported barrel suppresses very well at the cost of velocity. It turns Mini-Mags into Std Vel. :) Anyone else clock any other integrally suppressed Rugers? Thanks.

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Re: Comment: Spectre II vs Sparrow (vs. Amphibian vs. Oasis-P vs

Post by mars » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:36 pm

i have both a sparrow and an original Spectre and prefer the Spectre over the sparrow due to the FRP. at the time, the sparrow was one of the best rimfire cans. if i were buying another rimfire can, i would pass on the sparrow because of the FRP. currently, there are better cans, but not by much.
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Re: Comment: Spectre II vs Sparrow (vs. Amphibian vs. Oasis-P vs

Post by wmdaniel70 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:23 pm

I have both the Sparrow and Spectre 2. Sparrow FRP very noticeable on a pistol but almost non-existant on a rifle. Other than FRP they sound about the same. If the can is only going to be on a rifle then get whichever is cheaper or available, otherwise get the Spectre.

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