45 ACP take down carbine with custom barrel shroud (threaded for suppressor)

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45 ACP take down carbine with custom barrel shroud (threaded for suppressor)

Post by imyomama » Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:39 pm

I am selling this carbine made by feather USA. it is chambered in 45 acp and threaded 16mm x1 RH thread.
I've used this with an AAC evo 45 and octane HD 45.
Barrel shroud was made and pinned in permanently by David from Liberty Suppressors making this a 16" barrel and legal to own without a tax stamp.
David cut slots in the tube to keep from turning the tube into a can.
In doing that the tube had a weird resonant frequency , so i added some shrink tube to eliminate the tuning fork effect.
Evo sticks out just enough to get a good grip to insert and remove effortlessly..
Gun uses standard 13 rds Glock 21 magazines or extended 25/30 rds Kriss Vector magazines, gun will ship with 1 Glock mag.
Gun has a wire stock with 2 length of pull settings and fit in reverse for storage.
I've also added a more comfortable folding ACE stock but that can be removed in seconds if you prefer the more compact setup with the wired stock.
The fitting is a standard ar15 tube thread, so any ar15 style stock should also fit.

Gun can also be fired as a pistol or fitted with a SIG brace, and therefore chopped even shorter if desired.

Spare parts are available from featherusa.com (spare barrels were around $80 last time I checked.

$800 + shipping or local pickup ... IM me if interested.




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