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Suppressed subsonic caliber choice for hunting (deer/hog)

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:17 pm
by TacticalPino
Hey all,

So new member here, lurker for a bit. Should be getting my first can in a few weeks (obsidian 9), just purchased my 2nd can Hybrid 46. I was dead set on a Q trash panda for 300/6.5/6.8 but I had some stirrings to possibly do a suppressed build for primitive. I have a few friends in Mississippi that have plenty of land for hunting, and they’ve invited me the past few years to come up and hunt during primitive season. The last few years I used a borrowed 35 Whelen and had a blast.

Looking forward, would love to do a build that I could suppress and take up there for primitive, as well as use for reg deer/hog hunting I’m FL. Currently using a 300 BLK for hogs, I haven’t really hunted in FL for deer. Sure I could do 300 super suppressed but have been following multiple threads on suppressed subsonic 44/45 cal for hunting within 100-125yrds, which is right up my alley. All of my shots have been within 75yds.

My question is, what round would you choose to go subsonic suppressed in a single action/break open build? I don’t reload yet, so part of this is being able to find commercially available sub ammo, so supposedly 44 mag & 450 bush (Engel Ballistics, Black Butterfly). I’ve considered 45-70, 444, 448 socom but either slim pickings for ammo or not offered in break action type gun. The other part of that is finding a gun with the right barrel to be able to stabilize the heavier sub rounds for each caliber. I imagine I’ll prob start picking stuff up to reload in the future, but will have to stick to commercial for the time being. Thanks for any input and opinions!

Re: Suppressed subsonic caliber choice for hunting (deer/hog)

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:31 pm
by fishman
12 gauge or 458socom

Re: Suppressed subsonic caliber choice for hunting (deer/hog)

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:16 pm
by John A.
I'm in the process of building a straight pull bolt action 9x39 AR upper at the moment and I haven't done extensive testing with it yet, but it is showing a lot of promise over the 300 blk. No way that I would buy one without being able to reload for it though due to being import only ammo, and not to mention, from Russia which could be banned by the swipe of a pen for political reasons.

I have a 38/357 single shot NEF that is really quiet with 38's. Even 38+P are subsonic out of the 16 inch barrel. 357's are obviously all supersonic. I can load 125 gr Hornady XTP HP's upwards of 1850 fps without breaking a sweat.

But as fishman has pointed out, Both 12 gauge and 458 socom with 600 grainers would be solid performers. As would a 20 gauge, but the shotguns would need to be reloaded for in order to get subsonic shells. I keep saying that someday I was going to make a shotgun suppressor but most commercial ammo (low brass) are still usually over 1130 fps, which is above supersonic levels in my area.

I have to keep things below 1115 fps to achieve subsonic, and I prefer below 1070 just to eliminate the occasional super crack.

Though I'm sure you're probably not gravitating toward a shotgun.

Re: Suppressed subsonic caliber choice for hunting (deer/hog)

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:45 am
by fishman
The salvo 12 sounds great, even with supers.

If he's "probably not gravitating toward a shotgun", he should reconsider: