Where are the Tesslars and Electric Vehicles Rescuing Folks from Hurricane?

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Where are the Tesslars and Electric Vehicles Rescuing Folks from Hurricane?

Post by Historian » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:00 pm

Every moment we see the brave folks of Florida waiting in line to fill up with gas for their
autos and generators. Have not seen miles of Tesselars evacuating the stranded water logged

Tankers being rushed to replenish fuel supplies.

Why are the environmentally pure wind turbines and solar panels not sufficient?
150 MPH winds surely bollock up electrical supplies.
In some locals electrical customers could be down for weeks or more.

Those heroic monster trucks run on gasoline, from the earth;
methane for gas ranges with coal to run electrical power to
run gas pumps, hospital life saving equipment.

Contempt for and immediate action against should be initiated
to remove from office politicians who prevent access to unlimited natural gas
under their states land. They are the true 'enemy of the people'.

In an ideal world some of the most vocal waco actors, corporate heads, governors, especially
Al Gore, would be rounded up and sent to a North Korean 'reeducation camp'. :) :)

Seriously, time for the the dangerous stupidity of the Greens efforts to cripple the US
by eliminating fossil fuels be blared forth and spread about. Clarion
the life saving that gas, coal, and fuels have been continually doing during these hurricanes.

God bless all the military, sane public servants, and medical personnel who are saving lives.

Thankfully we have a 'Winston Churchill' President who is taking seriously the NOKO's threat to EMP our electrical grid.
Unimaginable the destruction from no electricity, communications, computers, etc.
for months.

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