Trump Will Try To BAN Suppressors

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Trump Will Try To BAN Suppressors

Post by GlockBuyer » Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:38 pm

Wake up America.......... About 2 years ago in Ohio, I watched Trump say he would always protect the 2nd Amendment and in the very same breath, he went on to brag about taking care of "Bump Stocks"..........

Now, he is at it again and getting ready to take action against Suppressors. WE MUST make it very clear to the President and his Re-Election Campaign that we will not tolerate this nonsense. We will not tolerate his abuse and we will not stand for any infringements. I think some of this is his own ignorance and ego playing to the Leftist Reporters. However, HE WILL use suppressors & bump stocks and other issues where he can. In other words he will gladly sell us out to get Democrat support on various "deals".

Trump IS NOT a true Constitutional Conservative nor is he a true 2nd Amendment Advocate. Neither are the leaders in the NRA. People like Wayne LaPierre & Chris Cox need to go.

READ this article: ... -silencer/

Contact the Trump Re-Election Campaign. Make no mistake, we are in jeopardy.........

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Re: Trump Will Try To BAN Suppressors

Post by a_canadian » Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:54 pm

And? When it comes voting day in a year and a half, do you seriously think ANY Trump supporters are going to vote for whichever clown the Democrats settle upon as their potential winner? You must know that the Dems will not choose a sensible person, they'll go for whoever they believe will win the most popular support, and those two qualities are mutually exclusive. And that clown will be no match for the clown guys like you put into the office, so he'll win again. It's really simple. America has become a reality show. Trump and his kind understand the dynamic, they know how to win over a bunch of gullible TV consumers. Game over.

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