Trump floats idea of buying Greenland

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Trump floats idea of buying Greenland

Post by johndoe3 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:37 pm ... SKCN1V60AQ

President Trump has talked to aides about buying Greenland from Denmark as reliably reported by the WSJ. Greenland is a self-ruling part of Denmark with ~50,000 citizens. A few Danish citizens interviewed expressed outrage over the idea of selling Greenland and its people. :D


President "Art of the Deal" is laying the groundwork for Denmark to name a price.

Note: I visited Thule Air Base one time and stayed over for 24 hours for rest, on the way back from a mission at the North Pole. Not a bad place, although there were lots of Arctic foxes running around (no polar bears seen there, they congregate out at the Dump for the base).

Obligatory Conspiracy Theory: Trump is engaged in an encirclement strategy of Canada with Alaska in the West, Conus to the South and proposed Greenland to the East. Is this part of a long term strategy to take over Canada??? :wink:

If Trump buys Greenland, is the purchase of Alberta and Saskatchewan next?
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