3/8/07 Today's Trailboss experiences in .308

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3/8/07 Today's Trailboss experiences in .308

Post by Artful » Thu Mar 08, 2007 7:47 pm

I've wanted to load some subsonic ammo for my .308's
I started with the Evil Black Rifles HK91 and FAL my buddy brought his PTR91 (hk91 clone) and we had some rounds to try out. These loads are not recommended and is only for information purposes. This is our day...

All ammo loaded in Remington 308 case's w/ 163 grain Flat Base spirepoint pulled military surplus bullets fired by CCI 250 magnum primers.

Weather 82 deg F - sunny, not much breeze... AAC Cyclone can

12 grains of Trailboss
my HK fired 1096 and 1061 in clean barrel oiled barrel then put
Hornady Oneshot Case sizing lube on bullet let dry - velocity 696.6! :shock:

My Bud's PTR91 fired in clean oiled barrel 1093 and 1071 and 986.8
then tried one with OneShot Hornaday on the bullet 636.6 - tried another without OneShot on it 1024 fps :?

11.5 grains of Trailboss
My HK91 962.6 and 1016
PRT91 994.9 and 829.7
my FAL w/ 21" barrel 845.6 and 915.3 added OneShot 781.5 and 811

cleaned and re-lubed barrels w/ CRC Power Lube
11 grains of TrailBoss
My HK91 785.1 and 726.8
PTR 91 940.1 and 824.4
FAL 856.4 first shot, 657.6 second shot, 567.0 third shot and 726.1 final shot

10.5 grains of Trail Boss
My HK91 636.7 and 762.5
PTR91 691.8 and 769
cleaned and lubed barrel on FAL w/ CRC Power Lube
FAL 793.7 758.9 nice bullet holes figured I put the can on to see what it sounds like - 514.8 fps bullet perfect KEYHOLE in target - tried to shoot another and bullet lodged in the barrel :cry: yes did get it out - pulling all the lighter powder charges

Now keep in mind these where all individually weighed powder charges
so they are as listed to with accuracy of the balance beam scale.

redo test with slightly higher powder charges and only 2 ten's change in powder charge -
That lubing the barrel doesn't keep you from sticking a bullet -
That shooting the bullets with Hornady OneShot case lube significantly slows the bullets down.
That somehow at very low velocity the addition of the suppressor caused the bullet velocity to be further retarded in the FAL - something I haven't seen with full power ammo. :wink:
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