5.45mm Suppressors

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AAC 'Krinkov' suppressor on AKS-74U


AAC 'Krinkov' suppressor


I shot the AAC Krinkov suppressor on an AKS-74U with Wolf ammo and achieved 23.4 net dB reduction using the military standard test (A-weighted) with Wolf hollowtip ammo. The sound levels at the ear were in the 141-144 range which means it might not be safe for extended shooting without additional hearing protection but takes away (literally) more than 99.54% of the sound intensity from unsuppressed shooting. The teeth-rattling blast of the AKS-74U is reduced to a very mild sound with light hearing protection and an almost-comfortable sound while wearing nothing. I was not able to shoot this can on an AK-74 because the threads on the barrel were not in alignment so I will do that at a later date. Note that the unsuppressed sound levels were taken without the factory muzzle brakes on.

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