MP5/40 Suppressors

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Gemtech Raptor-40


Raptor-40 on MP5/40


The Raptor-40 achieved 30.9 dB using the MIL-STD-1474D test and sounded delightful. If you have an MP5/40 run out and buy this can as it was more than pleasant to shoot without hearing protection with Winchester Ranger SXT LE 180 grain hollowpoint and PMC 180 grain FMJ. The heavy thuds of multi-round bursts impacting on the backstop at 100 yards was a great experience. I really did not expect any can with an almost .50-size hole to sound as quiet as a 9mm can -- but it was much better than adequate. The complete package of the MP5/40 with this can was one of high points of my shooting experiences.

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