Interior wireless problem

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Interior wireless problem

Post by jamliten » Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:21 am

There are many wireless electronic devices in our lives, wireless video cameras are spying on us everywhere, wireless audio recorders also keep watching on us. We must try our best to avoid being exposed illegally. To get us back to safety, we need wireless video jammer and wifi jammer. There are so many situations that we face the wireless danger. For example, when we are doing business, we must remind us not to be recorded down our business conversations. Another example is, when we are trying on clothes in fitting room of a shopping mall, will there be a wireless camera that is spying on us? To keep us in safe from the wirless spying devices, we develop the Wireless Video Jammer. We will feel safe once we have a wireless video jammer, there is no need for us to worry about the spying camera any more.

Let's take a look at some very good and helpful wireless video jammers and wifi jammers. The first sample is the latest Portable Wireless Blocker for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wireless Video Camera Jammer. It could work on three primary frequencies: it could block all nearby Wi-Fi network activity, Bluetooth devices and wireless video camera signals at the same time. When you need it, you just turned it one, it will provide security for the area about 15 meters radius. If you don't need it, you just turn it off, all the wireless network activity will resume working automatically. Moreover, this jammer also has additional functions that it can jam spy camera and audio bug blocker with isolating Signal Bandwidth: 1.0G (895-1000MHz), 1.2G (1195-1300MHz) and 2.4G (2395-2500MHz). It has highlight in outlook also: It has compact size, which enable it could be held by your hand. Power supply: it runs on AC power or battery power. Are you looking for a helpful portable Wireless Video Jammer? This is your best choise. +++

Next, here comes a very helpful high power wireless video, wireless audio and wifi jammer. From outlook, you could see that this Wireless Video Jammer is very small, only a little larger than a pack of cigarettes. In so small size, actually it may be the smallest portable jammer you've ever seen. Though it is very small, once it is activated, it will disable all wireless blueteeth, video cameras and wireless LANS in a 20 meters distance. The frequencies range covered by this jammer are 900M (895MHZ-1005MHZ), 1200M (1195MHZ-1305MHZ) and 2400M (2395-2505MHZ), and it includes all video cameras mentioned. The highlight is that it is small enough to be concealed in a pocket, carry-on bag, briefcase etc. That means, it could be used inconspicuously anywhere at any time.

Want to see more wifi signal jammer, want to know more about it? Besides of the above two Wireless Video Jammers, we also have many other wifi jammers, like this 5 Band Portable Wi-Fi Wireless Cell Phone Jammer, Portable Wireless Blocker for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless Video Audio Jammer below. If you want to find more information, just come to our website, where we have prepared many Wireless Video Jammers for worldwide customers. We have hundreds of jammers here for your selection. If you are looking for such kind of jammer, just take a look at our product list of Wireless Video Jammer, you can easily find out what you need most. You are welcome to come to us, and you arw welcome to send us message at any time. Just keep in your mind, our wifi jammers are in best quality and lowest price.

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Re: Interior wireless problem

Post by 35NCO » Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:38 pm

Are you spamming us?

It is illegal to Jam in the US. Ask the FCC.

You also have tremendous liability jamming multibands of cells phones with what you are claiming. You are talking about wiping out GSM and 3g/4g/LTE and some CDMA.

There is case law of people that did not know any better being prosecuted in the USA for this.

Nice thought, but please consider the incredible liability, moral and ethical consequence of someone not being able to dial 911 because they are in the swath of your personal safety jammer.

If you are concerned about such safety and this is not an AD, which I am sure it is, consider a frequency SCANNER. Still pretty impractical, but not hurting anyone. However, there are laws about that too.

...MAGPUL JAMMERS!.... :roll:

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