Mounting issues

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Mounting issues

Post by J D D » Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:18 am

I just got in my 46 hybrid and a 45 k. I purchased ASR mounts for both. I have a 45 acp pistol cal carbine. That will be the primary host for the 45 k. I have several 300!blk out that we shoot suppressed subsonic. I have two grand sons and letting the both hunt suppressed at the same time with out tearing down the can would be great.

The barrel on my carbine came threaded . 578x28

My option so far is to use a piston and fix barrel device. It worked well but is inconvenient. Is there a issue with retreading a muzzle brake or flash hider in 1/2x28 and re threading to .578x28 and boreing the brake to .458?

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