Alec Baldwin's Firearm's Negligence

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Alec Baldwin's Firearm's Negligence

Post by Historian » Sat Oct 30, 2021 6:09 pm

On the movie set of the filming of Alec Baldwin's low budget movie,
poorly paid workers, sloppy safety procedures, a young woman's
life was snuffed out by a concatenation of carelessness, arrogant
stupidity, and inexcusable negligence in the handling of a firearm.

Any youngster who has taken the NRA's firearms safety course
would have known never to accept a firearm without checking
it yourself. Always taught "... assume some evil elf has loaded
a live round in the weapon and you are responsible for confirming
that it is empty!"

And why were any live rounds on on the set? It does not take
a Columbo* to ask " ... Sir, the gun did not load itself. Who would
have motive to slip a live round in the first place? Could someone have had motive to cause you
harm? And you claim you did not check a weapon yourself?

The needless lost of a dear life lies at the feet of the disgusting arrogance of Baldwin,
anti-gun and long viscous satirizing of President Trump.

Would it not be poetic justice for Donald Trump to do a SNL performance of
Alec Baldwin saying his next movie after he serves his sentence for negligent
man slaughter will be to play Dick Cheney on "Duck Hunting".

Contempt should be heaped on the Hollywood liberals who make mega salaries
as heroes firing guns as intelligent agents but advocate for American Citizens
to be disarmed as in Australia. Case in point Liam Neeson.

Vented my spleen as they used to say in old British movies.

* "..In almost every episode the audience sees the crime unfold at the beginning
and knows the identity of the culprit, typically an affluent member of society. " -WIKI

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