Suppressor Choice based off Warranty?

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Suppressor Choice based off Warranty?

Post by SappersBreachNaked » Tue Feb 23, 2021 12:02 am

Hi, I'm new, Nice to meet you. Don't mind the barbed wire scar on my buttcheek.. it happens when Sappers Breach Naked!! J/k.

So after recently getting into supressors and going with 2 big names(silencerco Omega and Dead Air Mask), I've had my eye on some of the Energetic Armaments cans for the past few months. I wanted the Vox but went with the Omega 300, then wanted the Nyx but went with the Mask 22. The reason is I keep getting talked out of going with "lesser known/proven" companies by my Local Dealer due to the strength of these companies Warranties.

So seeing as there isn't a monopoly on the game by D.A. and Sshhh.Co, what do ya'll think about going with cans from smaller companies, seeing as its a "lifetime investment". My FFL would likely say something like "5-10 yrs from now, these smaller companies will likely be bought out or bankrupt, so good luck fulfilling your warranty". Just wanna know your thoughts. Thanks everyone.

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