"Texas Challenges Silencer Regulation"

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"Texas Challenges Silencer Regulation"

Post by Historian » Fri Jun 18, 2021 1:13 pm

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) June 18. 2021, A3

God bless Texas and Gov. Gregg Abbott!
Make Texas a "Silencer Sanctuary State".

An inert pipe that could save thousands of people's hearing,
reduce noise pollution, and ironically make concealed
carry more difficult is classified under the same aegis as
fully automatic machine guns.

The WSJ reporters did make a mistake in claiming that
in 1934 Congress heavily regulated them " ... as they
found them to pose a significant crime problem because
of their frequent use in gang murders of that time".

Thank goodness the 1934 law and its $200.00 cost stopped criminals in their
tracks so they fearfully and simply took the 'legal' path of using
guns that were, and are still, being stolen from US Government
facilities such as National Guard Armories, lost weapons from
Federal installations, police department destruction rooms, etc.

For those who have spent their lives and careers in US Government
honoring their oaths, protecting the Constitution, and loving
this great land, it is disheartening to see their enforcement energy
focus on honest dealers and hapless benign citizens. Heaven forbid they
swarm with equal zeal into inner cities such as in Chicago or NY.

Sudden idea: How to make the mentally challenged liberals go screaming - BUILD THE WALL!

Have the coyotes flood silencers across the Southern Border along with
the unstoppable poisonous fentanyl, coke, human slaves. :) :) :)

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