WTB: SilencerCo Charlie 51T Mount - Saker / Chimera

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WTB: SilencerCo Charlie 51T Mount - Saker / Chimera

Post by towerofpower93 » Mon Nov 14, 2022 9:04 pm

Got my Saker 556K in hand and only now realized it requires a new mounting bit at the back to interface with the 51T mounts I have one all my .224 cal uppers.

Might end up swapping one or two over to ASR mounts, but they're all pinned and welded in place and I'd rather not take all the optics off and rezero to have a smith take the 51Ts off and put ASRs on.

So, anybody have one of these https://www.capitolarmory.com/silencer ... mount.html knocking around the back of a drawer or safe they don't need and would like to part with?

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