Colt “Delta H-BAR” Model R6601DH

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Colt “Delta H-BAR” Model R6601DH

Post by rickys2 » Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:30 am

Colt “Delta H-BAR” Model R6601DH “Pre-Ban” AR-15 in .223, armored 3-9x40mm scope w/Quick Release mount, Colt Leather sling, 2 blocked off mags, all papers, in factory aluminum hard case . Manufactured in 1990-91 time frame. Excellent condition 98% only fired 40 rds max. Sitting in the safe for over 20 years

PLEASE use Google to search for the model R6601DH

The last of the Delta h-bar rifle make, right after the ban the lug was grind off, sear block add and mag was blocked to 5 round just to go around the ban. Only few of these pre ban rifle are still around in this condition.

For those who don't know what a Delta rifle is. A delta H-bar was selected at the Colt test range, an average of 1 out of 100 and turned into Delta H-Bar rifle. There not that many post Delta out their , but fewer pre bar.

1: I dont answer low ball fools e-mails
2: I dont need your Taurus or any other low end pistols
3: I dont need any more rifles or ARs (I have enough)
4: Here's what I am looking to trade for P7m8, P7m13 mint or Military 1911 WW1- WW2

Cash price is at $2000.00 shipped to your FFL or $1900.00 FTF in Miami


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Re: Colt “Delta H-BAR” Model R6601DH

Post by Toprockcolor » Wed Mar 17, 2021 6:27 am

Delta H-Bar you have for sale.

Hi, Paul Here. Could you email photos of your H-Bar?

Thank you!

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