New to the draw game

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New to the draw game

Post by randyspringer » Thu Dec 17, 2020 3:49 am

I want to start by saying I’m sure this has been beat to death....So I’m new to the western hunting and more importantly the points/draw game. I was able to buy my Wyoming points for elk/deer/speed goat this past September. I am looking to get out west this upcoming 2021 season for either mule deer(preferred) or elk. I have purchased everything or nearly everything for a backpack trip, I am setting aside enough vacation time (2weeks) to allow for a 7-10day hunt. My initial plan was to put in for quite a few states and units that have that 50-60% draw odds with no points and if I don’t draw i would either go Colorado OTC elk or OTC mule deer in Idaho, Idaho has since changed the way those tags are sold so it throws a wrinkle into the plans. I have been researching units and draw odds and topo maps, I’ve purchased the gohunt system and filtered things until I was blue in the face. My question to you guys is how do you narrow it down to a few units? How do you see a true lay of the land? Even with the gohunt 3D maps it’s hard to tell if I can glass or will be still hunting(not looking to still hunt). I’m hoping to go deep and avoid the large portion of hunters, with only a 7-10 days and a 4K mile round trip I want to make the most of my trip, unfortunately I won’t get these trips very often unless I want to end up divorced 🤣

any help is appreciated I have found a few units in CO, also something I left out this would be a rifle hunt

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