Reflex Sights Vs Red Dot Sights:

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Reflex Sights Vs Red Dot Sights:

Post by robertstevens » Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:58 am

Reflex Sights Vs Red Dot Sights which do you prefer? What advantage does one have over the other? What do you think of the "Holsun" brand of sight ?
I would like to buy a dot sight but would like to hear from you folks what you have and prefer. Thanks

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Re: Reflex Sights Vs Red Dot Sights:

Post by speed6 » Mon Dec 07, 2020 9:49 pm

They both essentially work the same way, an LED projects onto an angled, partially reflective piece of glass (a collimating mirror), resulting in a "dot" being projected toward your eye. I have a holosun and it's good stuff, long battery life and rugged. Aimpoint is the gold standard, but holosun, vortex, primary arms etc. have made great inroads in recent years.

The reflex sight probably has a slightly larger field of view since it's not really in a tube, but honestly, get a decent sight (red dot or reflex) and get some training if you don't already have it. Better to have a 200 dollar red dot and 800 dollars of training vs. an 800 dollar sight and 200 in training. I can recommend shivworks and tactical response. At least go do an appleseed shoot, they are like 20 bucks IIRC.

Some more thoughts: long battery life is nice. You can leave your sight on 24/7 if it has a 50k hr battery life. Make sure it has a sturdy mount. Keep a bunch of spare batteries. Check out reviews on amazon and optics planet, and maybe jump on lightfighter or getoffthex and see what people have said about them. The latter two sites have people that run their gear through the wringer, so it might be a better indication of how a sight will perform in the real-world vs. reviews from people that drag their AR out of the safe twice a year and shoot it off a bench rest.

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Re: Reflex Sights Vs Red Dot Sights:

Post by Cebeporerv » Tue Jun 07, 2022 1:46 am

Whether you're looking for different gun sights or trying to find that perfect rifle scope to fit your needs, reflex sights and red dot sights are very popular choices. Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages, but there's a lot more to them than meets the eye. Two of the most commonly asked questions relating to AR-15 Optics are Reflex Sights Vs Red Dot Sights.

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