Best choice for defensive shotgun: Pump or Semi-Auto?

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Re: Best choice for defensive shotgun: Pump or Semi-Auto?

Post by DoctorWho » Sat Jan 01, 2022 6:03 pm

To add, I was at a local Police Equipment supply Depot to purchase a set of cuffs, I digged the S&W Stainless Steel jobs after getting a set free with a S&W shotgun, a pump Marine Model, made to resist sea salt spray on Ships, I got it at less than cost.

The owner ranted, buy this stainless steel Ruger Ranch Rifle, a Remington Parkerized 1100 12 bore shotgun set up for slugs, and I will lose money on the deal, but I will get rid of them and I will throw in a set of S&W SS cuffs, free of charge.

I kept quiet, as I always wanted a Mini 14, and the ugly parkerized 1100 was not an issue, bottom line, I got both guns for a song, and took them right their on my shield and c.c.

I put the 1100 through the paces and was warned about the supposedly fragile O'Ring, so I purchased a bulk bag of them, a few hundred, and I paid close attention to replace it as needed.

I found out the O'Ring was not as fragile as I was told and replaced it only a few times, if I thought I should, not because it failed and I had so many.

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