ATF $200.00 Silencer Pol Tax is Racist

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ATF $200.00 Silencer Pol Tax is Racist

Post by Historian » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:09 am

Recently the President has been calling out the Jim-Crow evil Democrat's Pol Tax of the 1930s
that was used to suppress the voting by minorities and women.
Each time they wanted to vote they had to pay a pol tax which was excessive
and dissuaded their voting. Voter suppression.

A sudden epiphany .. "an illuminating discovery, realization".

Each time a minority or woman wants to obtain a suppressor
to protect their hearing and not disrupt their neighbors for their
legally obtained firearm, a transaction that takes the day of purchase
and instant FBI background check, in order to get an inert attachment to protect
their hearing ... a suppressor ... they have to pay a 1930s vestige of Jim-Crow
$200.00 pol tax to ATF. And made to suffer a years delay.

Only the elite have the opportunity and means to pay the $200.00 ATF Pol Tax

This evil left over of 1930s Jim-Crow was recognized a few years ago
and addressed by the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) that has sat in the
Senate awaiting passage. Even ATF director gave rationale in favor of
its passage.

It is time for minorities and women to voice their demands for repeal
of this racist vestige of a long ago era so that they can avail themselves
of the health savings of using a suppressor and enjoying target practice.
It is sitting in the Senate awaiting passage to get rid of this pol tax.

Case in point: How many minorities or women are there on Youtube shooting
with suppressors, availing themselves of the spectrum of available cans?

HPA must pass now to eliminate the last vestige of Jim-Crow prejudice against
minorities and women in shooting and hunting.

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