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Banish Gold

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Has anyone tried the new Banish Suppressors? They have a direct thread that was reviewed in American Rifleman and a QD which is a little less flexible and that is the Gold version. I think their previous line of suppressors were called the Varminter 4.0. That was before the company became known as Silencer Central, The internals look very similar to my Switchback 22 from Silencerco. It is an amazing rimfire unit.

Any feedback would be appreciated as i'm a complete newbie to the suppressor world.

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Re: Banish Gold

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I have the Banish 30 Gold; tldr/tlnr: it's a good can package, I rate the product 9/10.

I'll give my cons first..
#1: the proprietary muzzle devices are expensive, as far as I'm aware there is no aftermarket for them, so you will be filling SC's coffers everytime you want an additional QD.
#2 the key for takedown is a torx drive, no problems to date, but long term use has me a little concerned
#3 and finally, I wasn't the biggest fan of dealing with SC, obviously they didn't bait and switch me because at the time, I bought their flagship can, but most of the time with phone calls and emails, they were on the edge of condescending towards my questions.
#3.1: it took almost 30 days from the origin email of approval to have the product in hand, a full entire 9 days after tracking generated of no movement shipping to deliver to my house 18 miles from the FFL holder. The day it moved, it delivered the following morning. (No signature required, so I had a $2000 NFA item in my mail box for all of 30 seconds)

On too the good..
The can it's self does a fantastic job keeping .300blk subsonic more than hearing safe, I've not yet run a bolt gun, but 16"-7" AR barrels, I don't even think about ear pro. 5.56 and supersonic .300blk are comparable, but acceptable in volume. 22lr is laughably silent with it, I genuinely believe it to be more quiet than my Mask on my M&P15-22. I don't have a DB meter to provide any data, but video evidence shows a dramatic decrease in sound with all calibers.

Very light weight for a .30cal can, it's hardly a inconvenience on the end of 16" barrels. you'd be handicapped in CQC, but it's really not a problem outdoors.

Very easy to service, I've used a brush and Ultrasonic cleaner from Amazon with diluted CLR and it shines right up.

Personally, I think it's a good looking can. That's subjective and I usually have a wrap on it, but naked I find it to be a great anesthetic addition.

My only genuine complaint with the Gold is the QD muzzle device system, it's a give and take deal, because i do use it on 1/2x28 threads so the screw on 5/8 Banish 30 wasn't going to be a option for me, personally. However, they are very nice titanium muzzle brakes that are effective when fired with out the can on.. But for anyone who wants it strictly for .30cal barrels you'd be better off not buying the Gold package.
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