American made shoes

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American made shoes

Post by bakerjw »

For years I've bought New Balance shoes because they've been made here in the US. Tonight while looking for a pair for my wife we could only find one model of their shoes that were made here in the US. All of the others were from China, Indonesia, Viet Nam, etc...

It is absolutely sickening.
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Post by Baboon »

I like to s--t when I found American made socks. At first I was really happy about hecho en mexico. They were not cheap either.
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Post by ArevaloSOCOM »

I assume you watch TV on a Zenith?
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Post by Hush »

Oh hell, about 10 years or more back I was looking at a pair of trousers in Sears, I go to look inside for the size and they were made in Saudi Arabia.

Not many things made in the US anymore but in a way its fitting, we are turning into a third world country so we should have third world goods. :roll:
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Re: American made shoes

Post by Cebeporerv »

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Re: American made shoes

Post by justusmeyer »

There are several American shoes we can use like cleat insole
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