Obsidian 45 on 10/22?

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Obsidian 45 on 10/22?

Post by LobstahBoy »

Hi everyone! I have a brand new Obsidian 45, zero experience with suppressors, but a decent overall background in firearms.

What adapter(s) will I need to get from the standard 1/2 X 28 male threads found on a 10/22 barrel to the female .578×28 threads on the Obsidian?

If the sound reduction isn't acceptable I want to get a proper 22 can on order. If it is reasonable? That saves me the cost and fuss.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Obsidian 45 on 10/22?

Post by hangman »

A couple of things before the recommendation on thread adapters.

1) If you bought it new, then the can should have come with a booster assembly and piston for the standard 45 ACP (.578"x28tpi). However, you don't need a booster for a 10/22 (the Nielsen Device is only used to enable a moving barrel (e.g., tilting barrel in a Browning action) to function/cycle properly, and may cause problems (e.g., baffle strikes) when used on fixed-barrel firearms). You should read through this: Pistol Suppressor Attachments Guide from the Rugged site

2) I'd personally be very careful shooting it in the full / long configuration in 22, as I've had lots of keyholing when shooting subsonic 22 LR from a Ruger Mk IV, and I'd hate to have a baffle or endcap strike because of yaw. Additionally, there are people who talk about carbon and lead fouling making it practically impossible to remove/separate the ADAPT module...YMMV

3) My first choice would be a direct thread option, as opposed to Rugged's "Fixed Barrel Spacer". I have and use both from time to time, but there aren't many reasons to have the weight of extra parts in the booster. That said, getting a 1/2x28 piston is probably worthwhile if you have any 9mm pistols, and with the FBS, that piston could also be used on appropriate AR-15 barrels.

4) For direct thread (and additional pistons), you can get the parts from Rugged, at a bit of a premium. For the price and quality - I strongly recommend taking a look at ECCO Machine and in 22LR, I would get their ultralight aluminum model: https://www.eccomachine.net/product/alp ... ad-mounts/. They probably sell piston-spacers, too.

Good luck and welcome to the party!
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