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Hello members -- Totally newbie here with first experience with a suppressor. I am here because I was doing some research and the site popped up with a possible answer. I recently purchased a Rugged Alasakan 360 and took said suppressor and two 9mms to the range to do a check with barely subsonic 124 grain ammo. (I am at sea level)

At the range, wearing required hearing protection, the only thing I heard from the Glock 17 suppressed was a faint clink, and first thing I assumed a misfire until I looked at the target which confirmed it was working better than I anticipated. Next I moved the suppressor to my Ruger PC Carbine (blow back system). On the carbine, I could not tell any difference between suppressed and non-suppressed. I sought out 'expert opinion.' Opinion was that the 16 inch barrel was causing the rounds to go supersonic and both the Glock and the Ruger would be quieter using 144. Not sure how this can be possible (the part about going supersonic.)

All this has me wondering if all things are equal which should be quieter, blow-back, recoil, gas impingement. (I plan on testing with both my 7.62 and 5.56.) Rapid fire accuracy was improved with the suppressor on, probably because of the weight up front.
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