Really Large POI Shift with Suppressor

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Really Large POI Shift with Suppressor

Post by m0dnar »

I have a 2011 that I'm using as a host and I just got my Q Erector 9 out of jail. At 10 yards with a freshly confirmed zero, if I use the can in the full configuration my POI drops almost a full foot low and 4-5 inches right. Is it just the nature of the 1911/2011 platform or is it my choice of can?

I'll need to ask my buddies to bring their cans out to the next range day so I can run through several different ones, but the Q can is only 8.7 oz so it's not like I stuck 3 lbs of steel off my barrel.

Also going to see if the POI shift is less with half the baffles instead of the full stack, but based on what I'm seeing, my POI shift would be considered extreme regardless of the host/can combination.

I have also disassembled and reassembled the entire can several times following the instructions and I don't believe it's an assembly problem.
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Re: Really Large POI Shift with Suppressor

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That really sounds like a baffle strike or that the bullet is just kissing a baffle as it passes. I'd look really hard at the edges of the baffles and see if you see any marks. Also look for jacket fragments in the can.
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Re: Really Large POI Shift with Suppressor

Post by Matt in TN »

Have you tried tuning the can to your pistol via the booster assembly? It made a HUGE difference for me. Details here: ... p?t=696947
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