Can you mag-pod an AK?

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Can you mag-pod an AK?

Post by luzdibbert »

Can you smash an AK magazine into the earth for prone shooting or will it cause malfunctions?
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Re: Can you mag-pod an AK?

Post by rqlasl »

I have several times and had no issues.....Its a high pivot point and can be uncomfortable to shoot from since your shoulder is a but higher than a normal prone position.
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Re: Can you mag-pod an AK?

Post by cvasqu03 »

It might depend on the mag quality but I'm fairly sure most AK mags are robust enough to handle some harsh treatment. That was kind of the point of the AK. As rqlasi said though, it's a bit uncomfortable as it raised the rifle kind of high. Might be easier with a 20rd mag.
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