Spectre II on M&P22, P22Q and SR-22 -- an issue

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Spectre II on M&P22, P22Q and SR-22 -- an issue

Post by 1bayouboy »

I have my recently from jail Spectre II and have tried it on the subject host weapons as well as a 10/22 and a Ruger 22-45. All the Rugers
work perfectly. Unfortunately on the M&P 22 and the P22Q I get a slight end baffle strike that makes the bullet impact sideways at 5-7 yards.
It's interesting they are basically both from Walther and they have the same issue. I also have a Geissele 5.56 suppressor alignment rod
that works fine in the Rugers but won't fit into the Walther or M&P barrels...again not surprising since Walther makes the M&P 22.

Has any anyone else had any issue with alignment on P22Qs or M&P 22s?? I don't really love the sleeved barrels.... :|
I tried three different adapters on both with the same result...two from SilencerCo and one from EWK...all made for the Sparrow/Spectre II.


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Re: Spectre II on M&P22, P22Q and SR-22 -- an issue

Post by MikeMc. »

I have been running my Spectre II on a S&W M&P Compact for a few years now and it has been 100% reliable. The M&P and the M&P Compact are two totally different animals. I love it !! Accurate and way dependable!!
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