Which of the current .45 suppressors fit my goals?

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Which of the current .45 suppressors fit my goals?

Post by marcus99 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 12:17 am

Cross posting this here since the responses I got elsewhere were largely conclusory without any foundation or background to support their opinions. I haven't been active on here in some time but I remember the feedback I got was always insightful and on point.

I shoot exclusively 9mm suppressed and have been out of the suppressor world in terms of developments for 5+ years. I have an Octane 9 with stainless baffle stack, Tirant 9, original core Liberty Mystic and Bowers VERS 9S, all of which I also run fullauto on my Max11-9 and S&W76 with the exception of the Tirant.

I picked up a threaded P220 Elite that I’d like to use as a host with a .45 suppressor that differs somewhat in structure from my existing 9mm cans. Something a little unique basically. I’ve always found my octane to be the loudest of my 9 mm suppressors. My Tirant is noticeably quieter and my Liberty Mystic even more so. I was hoping for something made out of aluminum therefore, perhaps a monocore too. I won’t be running this can fullauto - I have the Bowers for that - but weight/length is somewhat of a concern since the P220 is already a big heavy host. I’ve also never found .45 suppressed to be hearing safe, so purely chasing the DB isn’t my main goal. Something lighter and shorter would be nice. User serviceability seems to be almost universal now correct?

Gemtech’s GM-45 caught my eye, as did the Liberty Cosmic. What’s hot right now and why?

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Re: Which of the current .45 suppressors fit my goals?

Post by jimbo45 » Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:16 am

How about the dead air ghost or griffin revolution 45. I'm pretty happy with both of those. Or you could get the the sig mod x 45 though I have no personal experience with that. I think the sig is available. The ghost is modular easy to clean and not overly heavy. I believe people have also been pretty happy with the rugged obsidian 45. There is also the new oss rad 45.

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Re: Which of the current .45 suppressors fit my goals?

Post by quiettime » Sun Jun 20, 2021 9:22 pm

I have the Obsidian 45. It is very quiet, lightweight and nicely put-together unit. Well worth the money. Sounds really good on 9mm too

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