I'm done lurking.. now I have questions

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I'm done lurking.. now I have questions

Post by pj4863 » Thu Mar 18, 2021 10:31 pm

Hey Guys,
I've been lurking and learning, and I'm getting ready to start some form 1 projects. I mean, why else would I come here? I've got minimal machining skills, no access to a lathe, but access to a mini mill that I'm not even 100% sure I'd want to put something on there without making some darn rough cuts. My plans are to use a GSG-1911/22 as a host and a second can on an AR. With the 22, do I need a booster on that design? I'm thinking the premise is no because the can should be light enough?

With the AR, I'm thinking of doing a kit of some type. I've looked at most? of what's out there and if I understand the premise of decreasing first round pop and increasing effective sound reduction, there's a blast chamber, then followed up with cone baffles. The Cone baffles space closer together as you get closer to the muzzle end. Being how I'm not entirely sure how I'd turn the skirt on the cone down, where's a good place to start to look at a kit that will let me started in that right direction. I'm not planning on clipping it initially, but as I learn more, I'm sure I'll end up clipping it down the road. Also, no AL for this one. Stainless or Ti would be my thought? argghh.. so many questions!

I do realize I can form 4 anything I want and wait, but there's a certain amount of the project that I'd like to undertake rather than walk out of the shop in 12 months with one.

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