Is it "Normal" to retighten your can every 3-5 shots?

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Is it "Normal" to retighten your can every 3-5 shots?

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I recently shot my Osprey 9 2.0 for the first time. I have a Silencerco booster in it on my Sig P320 compact with a Silencerco threaded barrel. It kept coming loose after 5-10 shots. I tightened it as tight as I could by hand and it wouldn't stay put. It is still in "jail" so I can't take it home and check it out. This is my first suppressor, but I have been on my dad's trust for years and never had this problem on any of his cans, although they were almost always on his guns.

Is this "simply an inherent downside to suppressing a handgun" that is normal and "there is nothing you can do to solve this issue, unless you essentially want to semi-permanently keep the silencer on the gun."?

How often do you have to tighten your suppressors?

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Re: Is it "Normal" to retighten your can every 3-5 shots?

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It's a tolerance issue. Put Teflon tape on your barrels thread, and tighten the can down. It should help.
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