9mm Suppressors

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We gathered a collection of 9mm silencers and tested them on a Glock 17 and a USP-SD with UMC 147 grain ammo. 10 shots were recorded for each silencer and the peaks of each shot were averaged to come up with the suppressed sound level as well as the net sound reduction. Please note that the readings in the chart are 'linear' and cannot be compared to 'A'-weighted mil-std data. Some of the entries were done on a B+K 2209 meter and noted as such for reference to a mil-std meter. All future tests will be done on the 2209 meter.

Note that SPG Technologies in Seattle has been using Wavelets for gunshot noise analysis for several years. Also note that the graphs are in RMS power dBu and will not match up with the peak SPL levels in the chart.

There are so many cans to catch up on that I could write a detailed review such as you would find in a printed gun magazine. Once there is a lot of test data on this site, I will start to do more in-depth articles comparing one silencer to another -- but only for the most interesting models.


AAC Evolution-9


Simply outstanding. This can while dry outperformed many others wet. I don't know what else to say except if there is a better 9mm pistol can out there no one has sent me it.

AWC Abraxis


This has no Nielson device so it would be best on a Beretta or similar design as it did not cycle the Glock. AWC has changed the design to Titanium and their web site states it will cycle a Glock although I have not had the opportunity to test that.



A very small past-production can with a wipe. We ran it wet and while it was beaten in sound level by other cans, none were as lightweight. It did not cycle the Glock reliably.

AWC Jupiter Eye


This can had a Nielson device but I could not get it to reliably function the G17. It was solid enough to use as a club. The AWC web page lists the weight at 10 ounces while the sample we had was 14.7 ounces -- so it is likely the current production cycles well.

AWC Tac-9


Not a current production product but included for historical reference.

Brügger + Thomet Impuls-IIa


A nice surprise. I expected above-average performance and got superb performance. Not the lightest can, but something was very drool-worthy about it.

CCF Impuls-IIa Carbon


This Impuls-IIa had a carbon-fiber body and an end-cap which was designed to pass a .45 ACP. The baffles were for 9mm. It did not do as well as the other CCF model tested which had a 9mm exit bore.

CCF Impulse-IIa



This can performed superbly wet and very well dry. The nicest thing is that you can open it for servicing. Equivalent in performance to the imported model.

Gemtech SOS-9


We shot this wet and it did not cycle the Glock (we did not expect it to as it is made for fixed-barrels).

Gemtech Trinity



This is perhaps the future of silencers -- modular in design so that you can use it on a pistol with a LID, 3-lug mount, or on an M16 upper.

Gemtech Vortex-9

A well known pistol can included for reference but it is not current production.



Current production SWR. Smaller than the Omega-9 and has recoil booster. Not as quiet though.

SWR Omega-9


This is a nice SWR can which outperforms the latest designs. It was both quieter and lighter than the B+T design -- and an excellent product. No booster so it is for pistols like the Beretta.



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