308 Suppressors

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A selection of 308 cans: SRT Shadow, AAC Cyclone, AWC Thundertrap, SWR Omega 30, Jet .308, Gemtech TPR-S, SoundTech Black Star, Fisher DC, Ops Inc.



We gathered a selection of 308 silencers and tested them on bolt-action rifles with M80 TZ headstamp 147 grain ball (IMI) as well as Engel Ballistic Research Thumper subsonic ammo. 10 shots were recorded for each silencer and the peaks of each shot were averaged to come up with the suppressed sound level as well as the net sound reduction. Please note that the readings in the chart are 'A-weighted' and are MIL-STD-1474D. A calibrated B+K 2209 meter was used.


AAC Cyclone


AAC Cyclone, 26.5 supersonic, 30.5 subsonic


At 8.25 inches this is a short can. The plug welds will ensure that the baffles never move.

AWC Thundertrap



AWC Thundertrap, 26.6 supersonic, 31.9 subsonic.


The Thundertrap was an excellent performer and had a really sweet sound. I have heard people say it sounded good, and now I agree.


Fisher Enterprises DC


Fisher DC, 23.7 supersonic, 20.2 subsonic.

About 100 of these cans are in Baghdad as part of a shipment of Smith Enterprises M14SE 'Crazy Horse' rifles. The can mounts to a Smith Vortex flash hider without needing to remove the flash hider. Because of the manipulations needed to mount it, it is often slower to attach than a thread mount but you will never lose your flash hider. Machining is very high quality but it is one of the longer cans in the test.

Gemtech TPR-S


Gemtech TPR-S, 27.2 supersonic, 33.5 subsonic.


The Gemtech was the second best muzzle can in net reduction with subsonic ammo and fourth best with M80 ball. It has a fast-detach Bilock mount that made mounting convenient. At 41.5 ounces with the flash hider it was very heavy.

Jet .308


Jet .308, 19.7 supersonic, 24.9 subsonic.


If you want light, this is it. Titanium construction and just 20.4 ounces. A good choice if you want something that you will not notice on the rifle.

Ops Inc.


Ops Inc. 3rd model, 28.0 supersonic, 24.3 subsonic.


The Ops Inc. can requires a special profile on the barrel but then it slides over and so saves some overall length.


Sound Technology Black Star


Sound Technology Black Star, 29.5 supersonic, 35.9 subsonic.


The SoundTech Black Star was the best performing muzzle can for net sound reduction with both supersonic and subsonic ammo.

Sound Technology AWS


Sound Technology AWS, 31.2 supersonic, 37.7 subsonic.


This was the quietest package in the test. It has a 16 inch barrel under the 22.5 inch long slip-over can. Perhaps because of the large internal volume it had the most first round pop, but what is important to note is that -- even the first shot -- pop and all - was more than 30 dB reduction with subsonic ammo.

SRT Shadow


SRT Shadow, 28.2 supersonic, 30.3 subsonic.


The Shadow was the shortest can in the test, and performed 2nd best out of all muzzle cans tested with supersonic ammo.


SWR Omega 30


SWR Omega 30, 26.8 supersonic, 29.6 subsonic.


The Omega was a solid performer and had nice business-like qualities to its dimensions and appearance. While it did 1/2 a dB worse than the Gemtech with supersonic ammo, it was a full 40% lighter.

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